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Agile Network Ship software is the core rating and routing engine within the product suite. Built with the ability to service thousands of transactions per minute in a single server or clustered environment where it can service the moderate shipper to the global shipper of hundreds of thousands of shipments per day.

Additionally the Agile Network Ship software engine provides the shipper with the natural workflow of the entire shipping process from shipment optimization, to execution, to track and trace, to proof of delivery and complete with analytics. It offers one of the most comprehensive transportation management software system in the industry today.

Shipment Optimization – The system has been maximized over time to calculate the optimal shipment which takes into account the lowest cost against all other possible requirements and constraints like: transit time, promised delivery, carrier performance, service level needs and many more possible customer personalizations. This takes the guess work out of creating routing guides and on the fly decisions in making carrier selections. Rate shopping can be used at any time during the shipping cycle whether it is at the time of order from the web site or at the time of container labeling.

Shipment Visibility – Agile Network Ship software will be able to provide complete visibility of every shipment from carrier pick- up until the package has a confirmation recipient signature. This is can be done seamlessly and automated so only the exceptions have the primary attention of the shipper.

International Shipping Compliance – With the complexity of managing the export compliance regulations and the efficiency of hands-off-automation, Agile Network has accomplished many operational challenges to assure the shipper can ship cost effectively into the international marketplace.

Transportation Analytics – Now that the job of shipping has been accomplished, there must be a way to manage all of the data that has been created along the way. Agile Network’s Freight management software already has many meaningful reports that can be used to analyze and assist in making strategic decisions on such activities like carrier rating contract negotiations, carrier performance, and more.

Key functions contained within the Agile Network Ship software platform:

  • Ability to ship with your discounted rates for all of the major parcel and freight carriers
  • Multi modal, includes parcel, LTL, TL, airfreight, ocean, and rail
  • Rate shop shipments across modes and carriers for the optimal shipment
  • Can service unlimited locations simultaneously across the business
  • Many existing interfaces to ERP, WMS and EDI for a seamless business execution
  • Address correction, validation, and residential indicator database
  • All export compliance with AES SED, cross border, invoicing, and more
  • Manage multiple rates per transaction, discounted, margin, and list
  • Customer business rules engine to create and execute personal business shipping actions
  • Custom labels for carriers and customers
  • Package content validation and record
  • Material handling integration for high speed print and apply
  • Packing list integration with shipping documents
  • Hands free automation with voice and black box modes
  • Integrated with all common scales, cubic scanners and printers
  • Enterprise class administration with active directory functionality
  • Will operate in the cloud or on-premise
  • Real time connections to carriers and forwarders for rating and visibility of shipments
  • System will scale to over 75,000 shipments per hour