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Global Shipping Software

Agile Network’s Shipping module for S2K is a multi-carrier, multi-location, global freight management software that automates the entire fulfillment process from rating and routing at web store front or sales order entry, through shipping execution, document generation, tracking, invoice receipt, carrier audit and reconciliation. Agile Network’s Shipping module for S2K provides certified connectivity for FedEx, UPS, USPS, Purolator, DHL, and many more national, regional and international parcel carriers. In addition, Agile Network’s Shipping module for S2K supports more than 5,000 rated LTL and TL freight carriers. Agile Network’s Shipping Module for S2K also integrates a variety of inline shipping services, including 3PL, audit & payment, vendor compliance and export compliance & screening.

Agile Network’s Shipping module for S2K includes management tools and reports to analyze carrier performance, optimize transportation planning and reduce freight expenditures. Scalable, service oriented architecture and redundant processing ensure continuous operation across large enterprise deployments. Agile Network’s Shipping solutions currently handle more than 2 million shipments each day for clients in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Full Integration with S2K Applications

With Agile Network’s Shipping module, VAI customers may harness the full value of existing S2K Warehouse Management, Order Management, Customer Relationship Management, Retail and E-Business applications. Agile Network’s Shipping module integrates directly with the S2K to collect package and order detail required for manifesting, labeling and carrier execution. Upon execution, Agile Network’s Shipping module transmits the tracking number, weight, service level and cost back to S2K applications. Agile Network’s Shipping module operates in both visible (‘attended’) and invisible (‘black box’) modes.

Full Support of Existing Business Requirements

Agile Network’s Shipping module may be configured to request and process all S2K shipping application data required to support:

  • Complex business and transportation management rules
  • Existing carrier rating and routing parameters
  • Denied party screening and generation of export documentation
  • Generation of hazardous material labels and documentation
  • Vendor compliance
  • Carrier required labeling and bills of lading