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‘Scan, Click and Ship’ Solution for FedEx, UPS and LTL
ShipLink for SYSPRO automates the shipping and invoicing processes with seamless integration between SYSPRO and your carriers. Designed from the ground up as a SYSPRO solution, ShipLink uses your company’s unique business rules to provide real-time transfer of shipping related data (address, service, freight costs, tracking numbers, e.g.) during shipping transactions.

By making use of Worldship and Ship Manager, ShipLink is both economical and easily maintained, while also providing access to all UPS and FedEx services and technologies. And in the vast majority of cases implementation and training can be accomplished in less than a day.

ShipLink’s revolutionary new LTL module automates shipping, manages freight, and allows you to quickly compare rates from your carriers. ShipLink also streamlines the execution process by generating BOLs, printing labels, and scheduling carrier pick-ups without any additional input. And during transit, ShipLink provides real-time updates so you can track LTL shipments.


  • Can shift shipping related decisions from the warehouse to the front office.
  • Updates order status and inserts tracking information and freight charges upon completion of shipping transactions.
  • Integrates with both Delivery Notes and Dispatch Notes.
  • Provides the ability to process multiple orders within a shipment while validating each order can ship with each other.
  • Automates the printing of international documents including commercial invoices, NAFTA and Shipper’s Export Declaration.
  • Can trigger carrier generated email shipment notifications.
  • Provides company-wide visibility of all small parcel and LTL shipments.