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Agile Network and Invata Intralogistics provide a seamlessly integrated, supply chain execution platform designed to reduce fulfillment costs for online retailers, chain stores, dealer networks and other high volume shippers.

The platform is based upon Invata’s industry-leading, FastTrakTM WM+ warehouse management and control system, which powers a full-range of material handling equipment, including:

  • AS/RS
  • Automated Packagers
  • Conveyors and Sorters
  • Dimensioners
  • Document Inserters
  • In-Motion Scales
  • Pick-to-Light, Voice and RF
  • Print and Apply Labelers
  • Scanners and Cameras

Agile Network ‘s Shipping module integrates essential, rules-based, multicarrier rating, routing and manifesting functions directly with Invata FastTrakTM and material handling equipment to ensure the seamless flow of merchandise from the warehouse to customer with minimal labor, material and transportation cost. The solution now enables Invata customers to ship using the full range of carrier services, and to quickly change the rules by which shipments are executed. Agile Network’s Shipping module for Invata also captures real-time carrier tracking data, POD and delivery charges to support consumer updates, invoicing and advance transportation planning.

For shippers, the pre-integrated solution significantly reduces the time and expense otherwise required for implementation. Pre-integration also ensures greater potential to meet day-one performance requirements and maximize ROI.

To help shippers understand how solutions may benefit their own unique operations, Agile Network and Invata collaborate to offer a free assessment that identifies both inefficiencies and improvement opportunities throughout your supply chain execution landscape.


For additional information on Invata FastTrakTM WM+ and Material Handling Equipment, visit:

To learn more about Agile Network’s multi-carrier, enterprise shipping solutions, contact us at 1-866-686-2445.