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Winning with Shipping in Canada’s eCommerce

Canadian shoppers want an online shopping experience that speaks to them – not one that feels like just an add-on to the American site.

Many Canadian consumers want to know if the retail prices that are exposed on an e-commerce website are competitive and if the costs are already converted to Canadian dollars, as well as if their total order cost includes all the applicable taxes and fees, and lastly if there are any other available shipping options to choose from if the order isn’t promised to be delivered soon enough.

A multi-carrier shipping solution for your eCommerce that can provide expedient answers to these questions from within the shopping cart at checkout help determine how likely a consumer in Canada is to shop with your retail eCommerce website across borders.

This shipping system technology welcomes your online shoppers in their native language, and can converts pricing to the shopper’s local currency while offering familiar payment options.

It isn’t just Canada that is paying close attention to shipping costs at checkout on an online retailer’s eCommerce website. Many international consumers expect to see the total cost of an order including shipping and taxes when shopping online and not just the cost of the item itself.

UPS’ Pulse of the Online Shopper study supports this where they find, “consumers’ top consideration when shopping internationally is the total cost of the order, including clearly stated duties and taxes followed by all prices being stated in one’s home currency.”

As it stands many online shoppers living in Canada are often closer to a US based distribution facility than their United States counterparts.

The UPS Study also found that Canada has the highest percentage of online shoppers who have abandoned a shopping cart at checkout for shipping costs related reasons.

And then how do Canadians handle returns? Canadian shoppers are unlikely to complete a sale if they have to pay for returns shipping. Over 60% of Canadians tend to shop more with a retailer if they offer a hassle-free returns policy.

It’s critical to partner with a global shipping software provider that has solutions for tracking deliveries and flexible implementation services to help balance speed and costs when deploying a multi-carrier solution. Expertise in cross-border compliance and international customs can come in handy to automate parcels and packages across the border on time and within compliance of Canadian import regulations.

Source: Internet Retailer
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