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Reduce Transportation Cost with Transportation Management Software Whitepaper

This free document will outline the most common quantifiable cost savings items achievable by using freight management software in your business. Discover 12 different cost saving opportunities available by implementing  transportation software and use these steps to build your own ROI.  Download »

An SOA Approach to Parcel Shipping

Many companies have poor visibility and control of their Parcel Shipping spend and operations. They often manage this process manually or use several stand-alone shipping systems provided by carriers. In contrast, best-in-class companies use Parcel Freight management software  from third-party vendors like Agile Network that provide multi-carrier support and functionality via a single platform.Download »

Company Brochure:

Agile Network Company Profile

Founded in 2004, privately-held Agile Network, LLC is a leading provider of enterprise shipping and transportation management software, this data sheet will give complete information on Agile Network the company, products, partners and customers.  Download »

Product Datasheets:

Agile Network TME Brochure

Agile Network TME gives you complete visibility and control over all transportation by seamlessly integrating performance measurement, route planning, shipping execution and financial settlement processes into one continuous improvement cycle, from purchase to payment. Download »

 Agile Network and

Agile Network maintains a strategic partnership with, a proven leader in online mailing and shipping with the USPS. Focusing on our customers’ needs, we continue to listen, research, and deliver the solutions you are looking for.  Download »

Agile Network for IFS World

Agile Network ship for IFS provides a full-featured, LTL /TL freight and parcel shipping solution for IFS Manufacturing, Distribution, Maintenance and Sales & Service applications. Designed to optimize fulfillment operations and reduce transportation spend, Agile Network SHIP for IFS Applications automates the entire shipping process from pack verification and consolidation through weighing, rating, routing, labeling, and execution.  Download »

ERP-IS Agile Network SAP Solution Overview

ShipERP TM is a fully integrated multi-carrier/multi-mode shipping solution designed to run on the SAP Netweaver© Technology Platform to perform real-time carrier: rate quoting, shipment creation, shipment tracking, proof of delivery, and label/document printing. Download »

Epicor Seamless Integration and Connection

Agile Network SHIP Connect enhances your investment by connecting existing freight management software to Epicor, thereby increasing the value of both applications. Agile Network SHIP Connect takes advantage of your familiarity with existing shipping system features while providing the value that integration offers. Download »

Agile Network TME Functional Capability Datasheet

This data sheet is a summary of all of the functional capabilities provided in the Agile Network TME – TMS product suite and how all of the modules work together to create a solution that will reduce transportation spend and increase product fulfillment efficiencies.    Download »

Oracle Transportation Management (OTM)  with  Agile Network SHIP 

This short case study demonstrates the process flow around the combined functionality of Oracle OTM and Agile Network SHIP working seamlessly together to produce a high-performance blend of heavy freight, private fleet and parcel execution from Agile Network SHIP.  Download »

Agile Network AUDIT

Agile Network AUDIT performs the most comprehensive audit in the industry. Our proprietary data research engine will analyze every invoice, identify and confirm credits with your carriers and electronically deliver an adjusted bill for payment by your company.  Download »

SAP Integration Whitepaper

A step by step approach to the integration oreal-timetime Agile Network transportation management system that can plan, execute, track and settle multi carrier, multi location transportation modes from the SAP ERP applications. Direct experience with SAP integration has supported the content of this document to exhibit real world SAP TMS events. Download »