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Freight Management Systems.


Agile Network System Architecture and Business Connectivity

Available On-Premise or in the Cloud (SaaS)


Transportation Management Execution with TME

Today’s transportation systems must be more dynamic and real-time when compared to the legacy systems of the past that relied on static data and batch EDI connection to carriers and trading partners. Agile Network solves this challenge with the Agile Network’s TME framework of transportation components that plan, execute, track and settle shipments to your customers. This framework allows unprecedented flexibility for shippers to configure multiple modes, multiple carriers, and multiple locations that can be managed and viewed from a single system. Transportation components like carriers and rating are in constant change and are best managed by transportation software that is nimble and dynamic enough to execute this constant change.


SHIP is the core rating and routing engine within the product suite. Built with the ability to service thousands of transactions per minute in a single-server or clustered environment where it can service the moderate shipper to the global shipper of hundreds of thousands of shipments per day.

Carrier rates can be either loaded into the rating structure or the system can communicate in real-time with carriers for rating and scheduling. The result is higher accuracy in rating, better carrier selection, and better visibility of capacity from the carrier resulting in substantial cost reductions.

Additionally, this module supports planning, rate shopping, execution, visibility, address correction, residential indicator screening, visibility and more. See more »

Key functions contained within the Agile Network SHIP platform:

  • Ability to ship with your discounted rates for all of the major parcel and freight carriers
  • Multi-modal, includes parcel, LTL, TL, airfreight, ocean, and rail
  • Rate shop shipments across modes and carriers for the optimal shipment
  • Can service unlimited locations simultaneously across the business
  • Many existing interfaces to ERP, WMS, and EDI for a seamless business execution
  • Address correction, validation, and residential indicator database
  • All export compliance with ACE SED, cross-border, invoicing, and more
  • Manage multiple rates per transaction, discounted, margin, and list
  • Customer business rules engine to create and execute personal business shipping actions
  • Custom labels for carriers and customers
  • Package content validation and record
  • Material handling integration high-speed print and apply
  • Packing list integration with shipping documents
  • Hands free automation with voice and black box modes
  • Integrated with all common scales, cubic scanners, and printers
  • Enterprise class administration with active directory functionality
  • Will operate in the cloud or on-premise
  • Real time connections to carriers and forwarders for rating and visibility of shipments
  • System will scale to over 75,000 shipments per hour


Omnichannel retail initiatives are demanding the ability to ship from anywhere to anywhere without extensive training. With the Agile Network’s web-based architecture, giving local control to any shipping location within the enterprise is simple. Ship from the store will use the location personalization that is made automatically by the system at the time of the initial configuration so users can execute shipments with little training. Headquarters never loses control or visibility of a customer shipment. See more »


Applications that need to manage the “mail room” are all contained in Agile Network OFFICE module, allowing the user to ship from their desk. A complete chain of custody is managed by this application to provide cost savings through best carrier selection, budgetary controls, general ledger coding, and more. Using the Agile Network TME at the foundation provides the office user with maximum flexibility and performance for all of the shipping needs. See more »


With Agile Network’s HAZARDOUS module, all associates can make decisions concerning the shipment of hazardous materials. The Department of Transportation maintains strict guidelines for preparing, documenting, and labeling shipments containing hazardous goods. Agile Network’s HAZARDOUS module enables shippers to manage hazardous material product descriptions and forms to ensure dangerous goods are properly classified, described, labeled, documented and tracked. The Hazmat module complies with all carrier labeling and documentation for the safe transport of hazardous materials. See more »


Freight and parcel auditing by Agile Network’s AUDIT module consists of several major components: Audit and Recovery, Freight Payment, Loss and Damage Claims Management, Transportation Analytics. All of these components in concert with each other creates a synergistic process to audit and analyze the abundance of data generated from the shipping execution portion of the system. Effective use of the information will translate into greater profitability. See more »

Agile Network’s Business Rules Engine

Agile Network’s Business Rules Engine (BRE) is a service that provides customer specific logic for personalized business rules. This component segregates the Rules logic from the core shipping and rating engine to protect the customer’s rules from new product releases driven by Agile Network. Customers have access to the BRE where logic is written on common open architecture logic like JAVA and .NET. See more »

Services and Support

World class mission critical transportation systems demand professional and experienced implementation and support services. Agile Network has been providing these services to over 1,000 customers worldwide over the last decade. The implementation process follows a tested and true project plan methodology validated in over hundreds of successful TMS installations. Support is available globally on a 24 x 7 basis. Customers also have their own web-based support portal available to them for non-critical support issues. See more »